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Junipa Gold's name resemblance to the wild bush, Juniperus communis, that gave us the spirit of Gin is not accidental. The art of mastering a craft, be it gardening or the fabrications of music and melodies, is something that is in itself an artistic act. The botanist that takes the plant and fashions a drink out of it is within the essence of Junipa Gold as a band - it takes passion to refine the simple things and turn them into something enjoyable.


For Junipa Gold it is the combining of the wild and the tame, the soothing and the awakening that earns them their name's attribute "gold".

Their lyrical production gives an insight to the band's drive to reach into the world and connect with people everywhere. Frontwoman Mia writes about places of longing, parting of ways and takes feelings on a voyage with an open end. Together with fellow musicians Fabio, Sascha and Pascal the band invites us to a journey between melancholy, joy and an atmosphere of departure. As listeners get to participate in an experience that is at the same time honest and personal as well as vague, Junipa Gold hopes to transfix the audience into a wholesome spell.

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